Self Love & Acceptance ~ Awakening to Yourself

There has been a common theme lately with folks that I have been encountering, either in my personal life or with my healing work. After taking a few weeks off article writing, unsure of where to go next with things, this topic jumped out to me and I knew right away it was something that needed to be discussed. As an intuitive and empath, I can feel the energy of the collective, which is very different than an individual energy. Many people can feel this energy and are tuned in, but do not realize it is far greater than just their own feelings. It is far more powerful and the vibration feels like it literally extends through the entire earth and into our core, connecting is to all souls and the Universe. This often happens when many people begin to feel similarly, at the same time or are dealing with intense emotional patterns and events together on earth. That energy vibration carries and affects the entire collective consciousness of everyone on the planet. This helps us to become highly tuned to each other, but for the people who are not fully understanding what is happening, it can be extremely overwhelming and even scary. For me, this is a good thing, because it helps me gage where everyone is at, as a healer and shift things accordingly, focussing on what needs to be addressed.

This is happening so frequently these days, it is hard to keep up with the quickening of this awakening/ascension process! It is very exciting though – everyone on the planet is experiencing their own souls awakening RIGHT NOW! Although we may all be at different various stages of this process, we are all headed towards the same end goal – enlightenment and advancement of the soul. A major part of this is learning to lead with our intuition, rather than from ego. These different stages can include dealing with many feeling that can become very painful for a person. These feelings need to be released in order for an individual to heal and begin to recognize who they are as souls without all the junk weighing them down. When we clear space, we can begin the healing journey that will lead us to see through the illusions.


Before we can see through these illusions though, we need to see through the biggest illusion of all. Illusion of Self, or rather dissolution of self, would be more appropriate, perhaps. Remembering that WE are already enough is paramount in this. Also, that we ARE deserving of that self love and self acceptance. First, we need to be able to look into the deepest parts of ourselves and learn to see the beauty of our creation. “We are perfectly flawed and beautifully broken” – this is one of my favourite sayings, because it speaks so well to all of us and is so very true. We came here with everything we need already inside us, but the journey is to re-remeber all of this and learn to apply it to this lifetime, along with past life lessons. Being human means that we will feel earthly feelings and deal with all of the earthly trials and tribulations here, as we try to find our balance. Also, as humans experiencing this earthly incarnation in the third dimension, we tend to take on and absorb external energies. We do this in many ways. Sometimes it is holding onto another person’s energy, sometimes it is through relationships or when we carry another’s person’s opinions of us. This can also happen when we are constantly reliving the past and situations we have faced over and over again get brought back up to the surface. We begin to punish ourselves, blaming ourselves and judging our own actions and path. We tell ourselves these situations, labels and feelings ARE us. It’s who we think we are and we want so badly to identify to something or someone, rather than to our own soul and spirit.

I am here to remind you that these things are NOT you. They are completely separate from your being and should not carry weight or devalue your self worth any longer. The battle between ego and spirit is in full force. Ego tells us we aren’t good enough, where spirit knows it is everything already and always has been. Quieting the ego mind and learning to go inside will help reconnect you to the most valuable tool that you will ever have here; yourself. We all want to feel free – the truth is, you already are! We put our focus on the government or the powers that be, and allow them to control us. Then, we focus on the negative things people say about us and define ourselves through that and our life circumstances.


We are cheating ourselves of knowing how truly powerful and amazing we all are by giving into these dogmatic ideas. Break free from the old ways of thinking about yourself and then the world – it is time we started to remember how to shine! We are all here to make some big changes on this planet and part of that is going to be the need to learn and grow, especially as we continue to shift into the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension. Let go of all of these things you once thought defined you and you will find that the love for self has always been there. It is time to re-discover the love you have for yourself and watch as your whole world changes! Doing this really allows us to see ALL beauty – not just the beauty that we possess, but also the beauty that others around us radiate, as well as the earth herself. One of the best feelings we can experience here is simply the feeling of BEING, without having to identify with anything other than ourselves. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Much love to you all, Namasté. ✨

Lisa Colburn – Conscious Healings



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